Welcome to our virtual exhibition,

I am sure, this exhibition is, not only the first-ever occasion of its kind in overseas Korean communities, but also the milestone for digital public diplomacy.
In terms of the public diplomacy for our homeland, this is another first- ever orchestration of its kind in which hundreds of Korean community leaders in 20 nations in Asia Pacific region “unite” for the unity of our people and the ultimate goal of the unification of South and North Korea. The notion of digital public diplomacy and its inevitability is brought forward due to the pandemic, and it will be ubiquitous in a form of meme in the very near future.
Considering the sweeping trends, on behalf of the 603 members of the Asia Pacific Assembly of the National Unification Advisory Council, I am very proud to announce the opening of the Virtual Exhibition in three-dimensions, which will look comprehensively, historically and multilaterally into the historic and emotional moments of South and North Korea marching together at the opening ceremony of 2000 Sydney Olympics. 

I also would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the Government of the Republic of Korea for the support of this exhibition.
I also thank my NUAC colleagues who have made great efforts for this occasion and, the other contributors.