Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition "Peace on the Korean Peninsula"

The NUAC, a South Korea’s constitutional body, is a Presidential consultative forum set up to establish and implement policies on democratic and peaceful unification on a bipartisan and pan-national perspectives. Its Asia Pacific Assembly leads 6 chapters of Australia, New Zealand, Southwest Asia, Southern Southeast Asia, Western Southeast Asia, and Norther Southeast Asia consisting of 603 members from 20 nations in the region.

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digital forum

This is the first-ever orchestration of its kind in which hundreds of Korean community leaders in 20 nations in Asia Pacific region “unite” for the unity of our people and the ultimate goal of the unification of South and North Korea…

Susan Lee, Deputy Chair of the NUAC


   Sangwoo Hong, Consul-General, Republic of Korea

Digital Book

Oceania resonating with roars of Korean
independence 100 years ago

Australian perspectives

Lauren Burns

Michael Knight

Fiona Martin

John Alexander

Winners Announced

Olympics "International Essay Competition: Peace on the Korean peninsula and public diplomacy

The Asia Pacific Assembly of the National Unification Advisory Council is pleased to announce the winners of the International Essay Competition on the Korean peninsula and public diplomacy which was open to the undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Oceania and the South East Asia in October 2020so so as to share aspiring Korean experts’ views on the peace process in Korea.



South Korea’s flag bearer

Matthew Won

Secretary of NUAC Australia

Eric Kim

Youth Committee Chief, NUAC Australia

Kyung-ho Um

Chairman, Southwest Asia Chapter

Jubek Hyung
Chairman, Australia Chapter
Kwangjong Song
Chairman, Southern Southeast Asia Chapter

David Woo

Chairman, New Zealand Chapter

JAe-shin Sim

Chairman, Northern Southeast Asia Chapter

Namjong Park

Chairman, Western Southeast Asia Chapter