Winners Announced

International Essay Competition:
Peace on the Korean Peninsula and Public Diplomacy
On behalf of 604 Korean community leaders representing 20 nations in South East Asia and Oceania, the Asia Pacific Assembly of the National Unification Advisory Council called for, in September 2020, aspiring Korean experts to share their views on Peace on the Korean peninsula and public diplomacy in a 5000-word analytical, persuasive and assertive essay. (The competition was inaugurated to provide undergraduate and postgraduate students of all nationalities in Asia Pacific region with a platform to share their perspectives on the inter-Korean peace and ties which were initiated by the South Korean President Moon Jae-in who is the Chairman of the National Unification Advisory Council, the constitutional body of the Republic of Korea.) The submissions were made by a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate students from University of NSW, UTS, University of Auckland, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Institute of Technology, and Indonesia National University. The entries were judged by the renowned academics with an expertise in the Korean peninsula issues: Prof. Jae-Hoon Jung(University of Queensland), Prof. David Hundt(Deakin University), Dr Il Hong Ko(Seoul National University), and Research Fellow Adrian Cohen(University of Queensland).
We are pleased to announce the winners as follows:
1st place: No suitable winner


Alexander Christopher Mitchell Hynd

PhD candidate in International Relations, University of NSW

Essay topic: Major barriers to South and North rapprochement


Jinwoo Park
Undergraduate student, University of Technology Sydney, Bachelor of Nursing
ESSAY TOPIC: Roles of the International Community for Peace on the Korean Peninsula
Yoonwoo Choi, Yubin An, and Yekwang Lee (Joint entry)
Undergraduate students , The University of Auckland
Left: Yoonwoo Choi
Bachelor of Science / Major in Computer Science & Information and Technology Management
Centre: Yubin An

Bachelor of Arts / Major in Chinese & Media studies
Right: Yekwang Lee
Bachelor of Commerce / Major in Accounting & Information Systems
ESSAY TOPIC: Significant barriers to South and North rapprochement
Special Commendation
Hafiz Suliman Munawar
PhD candidate in Built Environment, University of NSW
ESSAY TOPIC: Major Barriers to South and North Rapprochement
Arya Ranjan and Amitanshu Kumar (Joint entry)
Left: Arya Ranjan
Undergraduate student, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi Bachelor of Arts, Korean Studies
Right: Amitanshu Kumar
Undergraduate student, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Bachelor of Technology, Electrical Engineering
ESSAY TOPIC: Roles of the International Community for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Award Ceremony in Sydney